Welcome to the cozy caffeinated NFT community

CoffeeBits is a pixel-art NFT project inspired by the comforting hot drink and the thriving Algo Fam.

Hosted on the Algorand blockchain for its security, speed, low fees and negative carbon footprint.
New to NFTs on Algorand?

Grab your coffee and let's meet on discord or check our latest news on twitter.



Supply 1000

1000 unique coffee cups featuring special powers.

The genesis CoffeeBits collection.

88 traits have been drawn pixel by pixel, then brewed with python random magic and selected carefully, resulting in a collection of 1000 unique pictures.

Gives access to exclusive channels and the Coffee Slot Machineᴳᴹ on discord.

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Bath Club

Supply 3333

A bunch of 3333 Bathers sipping and relaxing in warm pixel caffeine.

A collection of evolutive PFPs using the ARC19 standard. Some traits can be mutated using the Caffeine Cards.

As the traits will change, rarity rank will vary over time.

It's also a pass to access exclusive channels and the Coffee Slot Machineᴳᴹ on discord as well as a web-based holder area, The Studio.

Bath Club guide by @AndrewWindmills
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Caffeine Cards

Supply Variable

Evolve the Bathers.

Simply send a card back using the Grinder tool in the Studio. The card will be definitively burned and the Bather updated.

These are also distributed to Bath Club Members through the Coffee Slot Machineᴳᴹ on discord, giveaways, raffles, community events and more.

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The Studio

Exclusive area for Bather's holders.

  • Display your CoffeeBits collection
  • Modify your Bathers with Caffeine Cards
  • Generate GM and Longboi GIFs with your Bathers
  • New features are added over time

Go to the studio (holders only)

Coffee Slot Machineᴳᴹ

Coffee Slot Machineᴳᴹ is a discord game where you can win Caffeine Cards, Bathers and NFTs from other AlgoFam projects!

Just say "Gm" once a day on discord!
Verified holders only

If the machine serves you:
A coffee, you win a Bather, a Caffeine Card or a CoffeeBits original
A coffee, you win an NFT from an other AlgoFam project

The more LionsWrinkle NFTs, the more chances to win!

Discord events where you can 'Gm' every 5' instead of 20h!
The prizes wallet are supercharged for the occasion.

Join us on discord

$ROAR Token

$ROAR is the utility token for LionsWrinkle NFTs holders.


• Get extra coffees from the Coffee Slot Machineᴳᴹ to win cool NFTs
• Tip your fellow holders on Discord
• Enter raffles on RaffleBees
• Swap for NFTs on Atomixwap
More utility to be built over time

How to get $ROAR
• Burn Caffeine Cards in the grinder (11 $ROAR by card)
• Weekly airdrop for LionsWrinkle NFTs holders:
AlgoMeteo: 11, SoulPod: 8, SoulPod Moss: 8, CoffeeBits Orginal: 6, CoffeeBits Bath Club: 6
• Create raffles and auctions on RaffleBees

The only aim of the $ROAR token is to provide fun utility. It has no monetary value.
It must not be listed on exchange neither participate in Liquidity Pools. If so, these will be clawed back.


Special Caffeine Cards featuring some of the top AlgoNFT projects, letting you represent your favorite community.

They were distributed to the holders of these collections who enter the initial Public Shuffle in the first 24h.

ELIGIBLE COLLECTIONS Al Goanna v1, MNGO, Yieldling, Young Brute Gang, Matthias Trinley, The Parliament of AOWLs, Crazy Goose Flock, GekoFam, Nalgos, Trokverse, Grocery Store Game, Coffee DAO, SoulPod and SoulPod Moss.

Coffee Loves Trees

Coffee Loves Trees.

Using carbon neutral tech like Algorand and planting trees
are some of the best things we can do for our planet and its inhabitants.
3 Algos from each sales of the initial Public Shuffle have been donated to the Gilbert Goanna Tree Fund
to help with reforestation effort.